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Finding New Topics for Argumentative Research Papers

Argumentative research papers are written assignments that use evidence and critical reasoning to take a clear stand on a debatable or controversial issue. A great paper will explore two sides of a given topic and attempt to prove why one position or side is preferred. As for great topics that could be framed into a great research paper you can try searching online, checking newspapers or magazines, or by listening to current topics on television and the radio. To help you get started, here are a few topic ideas that provide good starting points:

  • Birth control pill. Many new types of birth control pills have emerged in the last two decades which offer less health risks and are more effective. But has the medical community been less than truthful about the actual long-term risks?
  • Internet censorship. Not all free expression is actually protected by the first amendment and therefore should the U.S. apply similar restrictions on content that is expressed online? Should there be some sort of censorship policy and what would it look like?
  • Health insurance programs. What implications would a single-payer health insurance program that is modeled on the most successful ones that have been used in Europe and Canada have on the United States? Would a voucher-based health insurance system work instead?
  • Medical testing on death row inmates. Most people agree that if there was a reasonable alternative to animal testing then drug companies would be less willing to continue current practices. Do you think that testing on death row inmates (ones who are locked away awaiting execution) would make a good alternative?
  • Age-related driving laws. Should the elderly be held to stricter driving rules when it comes to renewing a drivers’ license? For instance, should vision tests be stricter and more frequent or is this considered age-related discrimination?
  • Plastic surgery for children. Should parents consider plastic surgery for children who are born with physical disabilities or malformed features? Should insurance companies cover the costs or should the payment of this type of elective surgery be parents’ responsibility entirely?
  • Fathers in family court. Should fathers have equal footing, representation and generally receive the same rights as their spouses do in matters concerning divorce and child support. Too often females are stereotyped as a nurturing type and fathers lose out in most cases.
  • Ritalin and over prescription. The misdiagnosis of ADHD has meant that too many doctors have over prescribed Ritalin medication. Should a new diagnosis procedure be developed and would it help stop this practice?