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Eight Tips For Writing A Good Introduction For A Research Paper

Everyone is always looking for ideas to create the best beginning of a composition. But, it is not as difficult to do as you think. You can write like a professional with a series of eight tips. Use our eight handy tips as you look to start your piece with innovation, perfection, and flair.


  1. The Hook-the hook or attention getter is very important for the paper. In some manner, you want to grab you reader and fill them with an urge to continue reading the piece. This attention getter can be a quote, a question, a strong statistic, or even a story. It needs to be relevant to the topic of your essay. Make it big and make it powerful.
  2. Background Information-you will want to include information on your topic. This background information needs to be brief, pertinent, and not more than six to eight sentences. It should not overwhelm your introductory paragraph. It should merely set up the needed details for the reader to comprehend your topic.
  3. . Thesis Statement Clarity-your thesis statement does not have to be complex or convoluted. In fact, it is better if it is straightforward and easy to understand. Your mission and main ideas can be presented in one sentence or several sentences. This is important because it indicates to your reader what you are trying to prove or explain.
  4. No Errors-there should be no mistakes in this important section. It simply needs to be error free in order to make a strong impact. If you start with mistakes, you will turn-off your readers.
  5. Correct Vocabulary-make sure that your vocabulary choices are the correct ones. Your words need to be age and subject appropriate. No slang or contractions should be included in your piece.
  6. Streamline Structure-your structure should be seamless. Each sentence should flow and ultimately create a smooth and coherent paragraph of introduction.
  7. Transitions- make sure to implement transitions as you move from sentence to sentence and then to the next paragraphs. Using transitions will smooth out and link the paper properly from piece to piece.
  8. The Big Plan-keep in mind that the introduction sets the tone for the entire paper. As you begin, look at the big and the small picture, use these eight tips in order to create the best possible beginning for your research paper that you can.