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10 Great Topics for Psychology Research Papers

The history of Psychology is littered with amazing thought provoking research. As a new student in the field it may be intimidating to look at the work of greats like Milgram, Skinner and Freud and wonder if your ideas will ever have a place next to theirs. The following ten topics might just give you a chance.

  • Modernizing Freud’s theory of Psychosexual Development

    By writing as a continuation of Freud’s most popular theory you may be able to tie some loose ends in his writing and earn acclaim. Tackle something controversial like the Oedipal Complex.

  • Can a solid ‘negativist’ theory be defended?

    Many psychologists hold a clear positive theory of human nature but your paper can propose a solid negative alternative. Proof abounds.

  • How has the Kabbalah influenced current psychological methodology?

    Many of the fathers of the field of psychology had backgrounds in Jewish mysticism and this research paper can show how they included this in their theories.

  • Does shamanism provide a workable alternative to therapy?

    Many mental health problems have much lower incidence in traditional societies and this paper can discuss the role that shamanism may play in that.

  • Where does the collective unconscious reside?

    Carl Jung’s idea of a collective unconscious has influenced many later theorists but this paper can explore whether the concept is psychological or parapsychological in nature.

  • Is self actualization truly possible?

    This paper can explain whether it is actually possible to reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or if people convince themselves they have attained actualization so they can feel better.

  • Is the Capitalist system naturally detrimental to psychological wellbeing?

    This paper can investigate the concept that the isolation innate to capitalism has been fueling increasing rates of depression.

  • Can a case still be made for penis envy?

    This topic explains itself.

  • How applicable are the definitions in the DSM-V across cultures?

    The use of predominantly Caucasian, first world subjects in many of the experiments which have led to the creation of definitions can be questioned in this paper.

  • How do increased lifespans affect the emotional well-bing of a society’s elders?

    This paper can analyze how the wellbeing of elders is affected by living in societies where they can be expected to die long after their prescribed retirement age.

Additional elements can be added to any of these research topics for a richer or more intense topic.