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How To Find Free Research Papers On Microbiology Quickly

Following these steps you will be able to find free research microbiology papers very quickly.

Before you start looking for free microbiology research papers, make a note of the microbiology topics that you may interest you. Your search will also depend on your intended use of the papers, so be clear in your mind what you are looking before you start.

  1. Start your search by asking your professor/tutor if they have any sample papers that you could use. They may have already have a pile of examples that they can share if or they may direct you to another source. If you don’t find what you need go to the next step.
  2. Go to your school or college library. Talk to the Librarian and share what you are looking for. They may be able to access some research papers for you or they may be able to make a few suggestions. Still not found what you want? Try the next step.
  3. Go online. Think of the key words that you want to use. A great tip here is to make a note of the key words that you want to use. Specifically use microbiology sites or sites that specialise in microbiology. Remember that research papers will have an Abstract and it will have been written using key words. Using an academic search engine, type in your key words. You will find that there will be a few websites that will meet your requirements, pick out the ones that you feel are the most appropriate.
  4. Check out some of the abstracts. Also look carefully to see if the website will share the research papers with you for free. If they are free then that is no problem, but if there is a charge you need to decide if it worth the price and some of them can be very costly.
  5. If there is a charge then you can either look elsewhere or you could contact the author directly and ask if you could have their permission to read the whole document. Remember they were students at one point so they may be sympathetic.
  6. Also try academic writing sites, they may share some free research papers with you. Depending on your requirements this may not be an option especially if you are looking for published work, or work that you hope to cite as a reference for your own work.

Good Luck