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Hint for formatting your term paper 

Has your instructor assigned you a research paper and you haven’t been able to start it yet? The first thing you should decide before writing a term paper is the format and structure of your paper. It is not a very tough job though. If you understand the basics of writing a term paper and are able to distinguish between different term paper formats then you can certainly choose the right format.

The Basics

Every research paper has a few things that are called the basics. These basics are common in all term papers. They all are supposed to have an introduction paragraph, followed by a body (they can be 3-4 paragraphs) and then finally a conclusion paragraph. You must be able to support your topic with at least three authenticated references. Students must also cite the references at the end of the paper. The format of the citation is very important.

Hints for choosing the right format

Different papers have different formats and there is a variety of options to choose from when it comes to formatting your paper. Given below are the different types of formats you can follow depending upon the nature of your term paper.

  • Most of the term papers follow the APA style. It stands for the American Psychological Association. However you should keep your instructor’s guidelines in your mind while writing your term paper
  • If you are writing a case study them you need to give a detailed history of the subject under concern, whether it is a business or a patient. Then you have to highlight the issues faced by them or the disease they are suffering through. After that you have to present your analysis and suggest a solution that could possibly work, finally you have to justify the answer you gave and explain why was it the best suitable choice.
  • If you are supposed to write a lab report then you must know that they are more like journal articles. However every professor has his own preferences so you will need to follow the instructions given by your professor carefully. They also include a conclusion where you have to summarize your experiment.
  • If you are supposed to write a critique or a review of an existing work then you need to tell the strengths and weaknesses of the original paper. When you state the weaknesses you also have to suggest how you would have done it in a better way.