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Aerospace Engineering – Essay Sample

Aeronautical engineering is the branch of science that study of how systems or machines fly in the atmosphere of the earth and the application of this knowledge in the design and building aircraft or missiles. There are a number of different sub branches in the science aeronautical engineering from research and development as well as maintenance of aircrafts. It is a wide range of the field hence it is an interdisciplinary, incorporating element of electronics, math, geography, aerodynamics, risk analysis, avionics, and physics. There are diverse jobs available in this field, though most of them require advanced or higher degrees.

This branch entails the application of the principles of science and engineering in designing, developing, and implementing these systems. It also includes astronautically engineering. These systems travel or fly above the earth’s surface. These systems include different aircrafts and spacecraft like high or low speed propeller-powered aircrafts, speed jet-powered aircrafts, micro air vehicles, hovercraft, remotely piloted vehicles, and helicopters with space related systems and vehicles. For instance, spacecraft, rockets, planetary rovers, space stations, and specific equipment like heat shields among other deployment as well as protective systems. The design of such systems is quite difficult and challenging task because they should operate with reliability and efficiency in harsh air environment. Hence, aerospace engineering is intimately concerned with the manufacture, control, design, and operation systems with the consideration of economical, environmental, ethical, and social aspects.

The low high-speed wind tunnels, material and structural facilities are a used in testing prototype models. The core aspect in this field is the designing, and construction as well as flight-testing of aircraft designs. This is one of the pedagogical systems started by the science of aerospace engineering. The spacecraft designs involve flight-tests and construction of spacecrafts. Nevertheless, this branch of science is widely supported by strong aerospace research activities. Areas of focus include research, development, assembly, testing, and maintenance of missiles and aircraft and their parts. The subfields also cover the effects that the aircraft has on the immediate environment, possible dangers of specified aircrafts, fuel consumption, and system efficiency.