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Where to Find Interesting Global Warming Topics for My Research Paper

You can barely find a person who has not heard about the global warming issue today. This topic is so important that governments appropriate funds for research related to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The subject is complicated, and students may need to search for interesting global warming topics for their research papers. The choices are vast:

The nature of global warming

Do your research about what global warming is and how it manifests, in case you are not familiar with the subject. Study what greenhouse gases are, and why their amounts in the atmosphere should be reduced.

The history of climate science

This area of study involves working with dates, figures, and facts. For decades, scientists and activists from non-governmental organizations worked hard to convince officials and companies that global warming was caused by human activities and could have dangerous consequences. You might be interested in studying the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. IPCC plays a great role in global warming research.

The most popular climate myths

Though the scientific community considers global warming as a modern reality, many people still think that the change is natural and human activity has nothing to do with it. Therefore, some companies take no action to decrease their greenhouse gases emissions.

The effects of global warning in different regions

The consequences of global warming are different in other countries around the globe. One can find amazing facts on how it influences already developed and currently developing economies.

The ways of adaptation and mitigation

Many small island countries are extremely vulnerable to the changes of sea level and temperature. The populations have to work hard to adapt. They move further from the seashore, grow other kinds of plants to feed themselves, and find other areas for fishing. You can find plenty of scientific articles and business practices that investigate the ways of mitigation. A good idea is to write a research paper about how communities, companies, and individuals can fight climate change.

Global warming effects in the XXII century

People live through the period of changes. Warming continues and everyone is curious about what is going to happen in the next century. You can describe different scenarios developed by IPCC and give details about a proximate sea level rise, frequency of hurricanes, changes in biodiversity, and so forth. The topics might be vast, so try to narrow your research. For instance, focus on how global warming will influence a certain ecosystem.