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“A Wednesday” Movie Review

Debuting as a promising director and story writer, Neeraj Panday has actually brought out what bollywood was looking for. Through an unlikely and powerful concept, he ensures to touch the vigor of its audience. Despite what it seems to be a “terrorism” theme, it beautifully travels on the track made of terrorism to emerge as a brilliant thriller drama. Manifesting the power of the underestimated common man, it exposes the incompetence of Indian Governing System in providing protection to its people and the feeling of insecurity hence prevailing in Indian hearts. It shows how a robust formation of intelligence and surveillance, lacking vigilance and sense of responsibility, could become so vulnerable and unworthy against a little effort. The play also exposes the real face of today’s media and at the same time, its meaningful power too.

The main story actually proceeds in a narration wherein the retiring Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher) narrates his most memorable but unrecorded / classified case, while recollecting his memories on the last day of his duty. Wherein, a so called stupid common man (Naseerudin Shah) miffed out of living in fear, decides to pick up the broom himself to wipe the trash out of his home. He like any other day sets out to work on a Wednesday with his stuff and lunch; but despite working like usual, goes on to planting a bomb in a police station and finally settles over the terrace of a partly constructed building that enjoys a typical view of Mumbai. There he unveils his preparation using which he operates to communicate with the police commissioner (Anupam Kher) and keeps surveillance. Playing an unidentified bomber, he blackmails the police to meet up his demands in exchange of various bomb locations which he guarantees to have himself planted across the city; planned to blow up shortly. Despite their focused efforts, the empowered intelligence fails to break his exact location or any of the bomb sites and hence a deal is made. With heart binding series of events, the story ends with a formal hand shake between the police commissioner and the unidentified bomber, where they meet as strangers and the blackmailer reveals his actual identity but the officer respects it and keeps it classified for reasons. Towards the end, Naseer’s speech on phone leaves everyone moved and thinking as to how compelled these laws and systems have left the authorities in bringing proper justice and harmony at right times.  The full movie sure is out of the world without actual show on terrorism or counter terrorism!

As talked, story and direction has been innovatively done. Cinematographer Fuwad Khan does his job equally well. Acting strengthens the visualization several fold. Naseerudin Shah and Anupam Kher has been to their extraordinary usual, illuminating their characters with life. Jimmy Shergill & Aamir Bashir provides a boost with their realistic play. Unlike many bollywood movies, this one is free from romance and songs or dance sequences.

The concept is powerful enough to bind the audience right from the go. Both halves keep equally interested and thinking. The story successfully maintains its mystery and thrill. All in all, a reality exposing fiction made on a fairly low budget. This is what one could call a heart touching eye opener. Not to be missed!