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Where to Find Analytical Bibliography Example

Writing an analytical biography essay can be interesting, and it's also a great way to demonstrate your understanding of history and how people interact with it. It's not even that difficult to write a good essay like this, but it can look quite intimidating when you're wondering how to start.

Like most other kinds of essays it can be helpful to look at some examples before getting to work; this will give you an idea of how other people have approached the same problem. If you can find an example about the same person you'll be writing about that's even better; it can save you a lot of research by giving you an idea of what to analyze. Once you have an idea of how your subject was affected by the time they lived in, and how they affected the events of those times, you can concentrate on finding details to add interest to your essay.

The best place to look for example essays is on the internet; there are literally thousands available, and if you can't find one on the person you're writing about (you probably can) you'll certainly be able to find one about someone who lived at the same time or had a similar career. Either one can be very helpful.

Of course the problem is that the internet contains a lot of material that hasn't ever had any sort of quality control. The fact is, anybody can publish anything they want. This can be great, but it can also set some traps for you if you're not careful. No matter who you're writing about there's bound to be somebody online who has… interesting opinions about them. Including these opinions might not be great for your essay grade.

There are four main sources of sample essays online:

  • Academic sources. Many schools and colleges publish sample essays online. These are usually of high quality, but the selection can be quite limited. This is a good source for general examples of how to structure your essay, but probably less useful for topic ideas.
  • Personal sites and blogs. Millions of people have their own blogs and homepages, and many of them write essays. Avoid these! There is no quality control, so you don't know if what you're getting is a well-written essay based on great research or a well-written essay based on complete crackpottery.
  • Article directories. A growth area on the internet is sites where people can write and submit articles on a range of subjects. You can find almost anything on some of the larger sites, but quality control is usually poor to non-existent. Avoid these too.
  • Writing services. This is probably your best option. The articles on offer will have been researched and written by professional writers, so quality is likely to be very good. Many are available free; others can be downloaded for a small fee.

If you get a good example essay from a writing service, especially if it's on the same person you'll be writing about, you have a big advantage. Before you start work get online and see what you can find.