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History Term Papers: Summarizing your Findings

Completing a History term paper is something that most students will do a few times during their school years. These papers are designed to help the student learn facts from the past in a way that it really sticks out while also showing the instructor their abilities to organize and compile the information.

The Term Paper Final

Once you’ve written the entire term paper the final step in the completion of the essay is to summarize the information that you’ve read. Summarizing the History term paper is not difficult to do.

The summary requires you to re-read what has already been written. You should ask yourself what the point of the essay is –i.e. what do you want to reader to learn and take out of the information that you’ve written. The thesis of the essay should be taken into consideration when creating the summary.

What main arguments did you point out in the research paper? All of the information that has been written to supplement the thesis should also be used in the summary of the paper. If you want to give it an extra special touch, include a few examples inside of the summary.

Summaries are short and to the point. They require just a few sentences and should be thorough and as short as possible. Do not sacrifice information for space, however.

Points to Remember

A few other points to remember when you are writing your essay:

  • Do not mention things such as ‘In this well-written essay; or ‘the essay will’. This would be the writing of a review rather than a term paper.
  • At the end of the research paper you should include your name. at the beginning of the essay should be the title and the summary.
  • Font used should be Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1.5 spaced lines.
  • Always be direct and to the point when you write
  • Less is more –always remember that.
  • Your words should be simple words. Don’t use this as an opportunity to express your vocabulary

The Bottom Line

The summary is a very important piece of your paper. It should be written after the rest of the information has been written and placed at the introduction of the article. It is very important that this summary be included in your work. Use the information listed above to create that well-rounded History term paper summary that gets the grade that you were hoping for.