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Writing A Global Warming Research Paper

Right now a hot button topic is “global warming” for this reason many instructors assign global warming research papers to their students so that they can critically examine this issues that is being widely debated. Global warming writing assignments require students to think in depth about this large-scale issue and carefully consider the evidence being present both in favor and against global warming.

However, once you begin to look carefully at the different scientific arguments (on both sides) you may begin to realize that the real answer isn’t black or white. “Is Global Warming real?” “Is it something we should be concerned about?” “What are some of consequences of Global Warming?” There are so many questions being asked and not enough answers, scientist on both sides of the big picture are debating the issue and trying to pinpoint a concrete thesis regarding this interesting phenomenon.

What Do You Think About Global Warming?

This is probably one thing you are going to need to figure out BEFORE tackling your global warming research paper. How you approach the topic will be dependent on what stance you take on the issue. As you begin to critically look at the articles, documentaries and news reports your opinions may fluctuate. Try to develop a strong thesis that supports your findings and somehow makes your research paper unique.

The downside to dealing with such a globally discussed issue is there is a lot of misinformation and half-facts that needs to be weeded through before you can find supported data. Depending on how you have decided to approach the matter you may find that there is plenty of examples available or not much at all. As you explore the topic you will come across everything from “conspiracy theories” to “contradicting research” it will be your responsibility to decide what is useable and what is a bunch of phony baloney. (Excuse our formalities)

How To Write About Global Warming

If you want to get a good grade on your global warming research paper, the best thing you can do is read other examples and see how different students have approached the topic choice. When your dealing with a popular topic like this one there will be plenty of samples floating around online for you to use for inspiration. Reading the writing assignments of other students will help you direct your thoughts and decide on how you want to deal with your own thesis.