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Composing A Term Paper About Technology: 8 Things You Should Know

Technology seems to be the buzzword on everyone’s lips. There is a feeling that it will either make our future stable or destroy us completely. People on both sides of that argument seem unlikely to look at it in a different light. Regardless, there is much to be learned and studies.

If you intend to write a sort of academic piece on this field, consider the following:

  • The term ‘technology’ covers more than just computers
  • Once upon a time a pointy rock with a smooth side for holding was the height of tech. It represented an improvement on what came before. Similarly, the wheel represented a huge shift in what could and could not be done in several fields when it was first invented. You can look for advances that have happened that are outside of the fields most often considered technological.

  • Most current technological advances are in computers and electronics
  • Despite the fact that tech can be quite separate from computers and electronics, most aspects of it are actually centered in those two areas. Keep this in mind when you begin to brainstorm your ideas.

  • There are leading players in this field
  • The most popular companies have very large markets. There are huge numbers of people who own at least one of their devices and many more who wish they could. Seek out these leaders and find out what they are working on most feverishly. Sometimes this information will be classified but if it is not, you can get a great start to your work.

  • There is a trend toward planned obsolescence
  • For many decades, the majority of devices that have been manufactured have included some aspect that would lead them to need replacing after a short period of time. This is known as planned obsolescence and it plays a huge part in what we use and for how long.

  • Many things are becoming faster and cheaper over time
  • The flip side to planned obsolescence is the speed at which cheaper and more efficient replacements can be created and put onto the market. Computers of only a few decades ago were huge and slow while the average smart-phone can out process them and fits in the palm of a hand.

This is a subject that has many facets that can be delved into with gusto. The tips presented here should be kept in mind to ensure that you approach it well.