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20 Good Title Examples For A Research Paper On Negotiation Skills

The topic of negotiation skills can cover a wide range of different areas. For example, you may be writing about negotiations in terms of business, or you may be looking at negotiations as a topic when it to crime, such as in hostage situations. Generally speaking though, a topic such as negotiation skills will most often relates to subjects such as business studies or economics.

How to think of a good title.

The title that you choose can depend on various factors, such as what you may be studying at a time, as well as the particular style of paper that you need to write. For example, if you need to write an argumentative paper then you may wish to try and persuade the reader as to why a certain set of negotiation skills are better than others. Whereas, for an informative article, you may be trying to explain more about a certain negotiation process, or providing details relating to a specific theory related to negotiations.

Ideally, you should use a variety of different brainstorming techniques in order to come up with a list of potential titles, which you will then need to narrow down until you have a title that you are satisfied with.

To give you a head start, you may wish to consider some of the titles that are included below.

  1. Why do negotiations take so long?
  2. What factors are considered during the negotiation stage of major acquisitions?
  3. What is positional bargaining in relation to negotiation skills?
  4. What is interest-based negotiation?
  5. How do negotiation techniques change when more than two parties are involved?
  6. What should negotiators avoid if they want to have a successful outcome?
  7. Which is better, positional bargaining or interest-based negotiation?
  8. What role does hidden information have in negotiation tactics?
  9. A case study of a successful business negotiation
  10. A case study of a disastrous business negotiation
  11. What role has the internet, and immediate access to information, had on negotiation tactics in the 21st century?
  12. Can a party ever be too greedy when negotiating?
  13. How are compromises reached when negotiating?
  14. Are negotiating skills learned on developed naturally?
  15. When to make concessions whilst negotiating?
  16. How to know when to concede in negotiations?
  17. Is playing hardball a good or bad tactic?
  18. How do win-win situations work?
  19. Why might both parties settle for a win-lose situation?
  20. What is distributive negotiation?