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The deadline for submitting your essay or term paper is approaching and you are not ready yet? There are several possible ways of dealing with this issue. First option is to finally start writing your paper and continue doing this all day and night long. Not a very pleasant solution, isn’t it? Perhaps, you can buy the necessary piece of paper from other students or even pay someone to write it for you. However, if you want to save your money, the last variant will be probably the most suitable – downloading the essay or term paper via the Internet.

Of course, you should have in mind that issuing someone’s work for your own is not a very clever idea, but if you are willing to skip over the moral aspect of the problem, you'll find in this article several pieces of advice about how to find a reliable source for downloading an essay or a term paper free of charge.

First of all, begin with a simple search of your topic over the Internet. The possibility that someone has previously dealt with the topic similar to yours is quite high. But you should also remember that an experienced professor like yours probably has come across this work already. Another advice is to avoid essays and papers from the initial pages of search engines. It is highly probable that you'll find adequate texts on the further pages.

Avoid using different online encyclopaedias. Despite the fact that such services contain a lot of valuable information for this kind of work, they cannot be regarded as reliable sources, given the fact that practically everyone can edit its articles without any verification of his or her own credentials, skills or knowledge.

Find online scholarly databases. Such services contain thousands of research papers, essays and many other scientific works from the whole world. Another advantage of using such services is the fact that they are regularly updated with the newest works which, perhaps, haven’t been used in your educational institution before. Despite the fact that such services can be free of charge they sometimes may ask you to upload your own research or essay in order to receive a possibility to download the necessary one. But it is a fair deal and helps the site to broaden its volume of work. Perhaps, the paper you’ve already passed will help another student as well.