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Business law term paper topics: what you need to know

Online business has seen a rapid growth since the time that people realized that the Internet could be used as a business tool. Since then, a wide variety of businesses have made their homes online. With those businesses came the need for legal services, which in turn developed the need to experts in online business law. If you decide to study this growing legal field, you will have to write online business law term papers and there are plenty of things to know.

Know the Laws

The first thing you need to know is all about business law. Online companies not only have online law to worry about, but they also have to worry about the laws that brick-and-mortar businesses have to follow. You will need to know both fields of law and how they interact with each other.

Pick a Unique Topic

You will also want to know about types of topics that people have already written about in their online business law term papers. Professors do not want to read the same paper topics over and over, so you will need to decide on a new and unique topic. You can bet that many of the papers covered the large online shopping and auction sites that have been in business since online business began. Unusual topics can usually be found with local businesses or even with international businesses that are relatively unknown in your country.

Follow the Formatting Rules

It is going to be very important that you follow the format your professor assigns. This will be important because you do not want to be accused of plagiarism. No matter what topic you choose, you will want to cite your sources properly and list them perfectly in the works cited section of your paper.

These are a few topics that could become interesting business law topics for online business law:

  • What constitutes intellectual property online?
  • Problems that occur with collecting state taxes from online businesses.
  • Customer privacy and online shopping.
  • The best way to start an online business
  • Rules regarding copyright and the impact of the Digital Media Copyright


When you take the time to thoroughly research your business law term paper, you will find ample support and be able to write a thoughtful paper. Online business law is continually in a state of flux as this unique part of our world continues to change.