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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

Online classes are becoming increasingly popular with individuals today. Not only has the number of students attending online courses spiked, but the number of offered online courses has grown as well. For many, though, the decision between online courses and traditional classroom lessons is a tricky one. Which avenue is better? In truth, both online classes and traditional classes have beneficial aspects, and it’s important to decide for yourself which version will benfeit your learning the most. Below, we have a few brief explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of online classes. Remember that neither option is necessarily better; they are just different paths to the same end.

Advantages of Online Classes

  • Available anywhere, anytime. One of the most obvious advantages of online classes is their wide availability. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, you can pretty much attend classes anywhere in the world. Plus, many classes let you log in or turn in work at very flexible hours. It’s why online classes are so popular with those who work or have families. You don’t even have to worry about things like weather!
  • Less distractions. Another advantage that many people find is the less distracting nature of the online classes. For many, the constant buzz, movement, and other events that happen in a classroom environment can be distracting – but by focusing on a simple online course, these distractions are completely avoided.
  • Lower costs. Due to less materials and other issues, online classes typically cost less than traditional classes. This is highly appealing to many, since it means saving a buck on an important aspect of their education.

Disadvantages of Online Classes

  • Lack of community. One of the great things about attending a class, in person, is that you have the intelligence and experience of the other students to work towards your advantage. With an online class, you can’t exactly share ideas, brainstorm or review work with a classmate. You’re going it completely alone.
  • Less teacher-student relationship. In a traditional classroom, a teacher typically knows every student’s name and a basic outline of their educational strengths and weakness. The bond between teacher and student is somewhat lessened by online classes, which often possess limited communication between the professor and the student.
  • Easier to ignore or avoid. While online classes may offer less distractions, that doesn’t mean it’s any harder to procrastinate. Students that take online courses sometimes find themselves avoiding, forgetting or putting off assignments until it’s (unfortunately) too late.