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How to Create an Elaborate Statistics Research Paper

The purpose of a statistical research paper is to analyze information and draw conclusions based on the data that is presented. Widely considered to be a mathematical science statistical analysis deals with experimentation and detailed research. These two elements are combined with critical thinking and report writing. For this reason a statistical research paper deals with expressing your observations and communicating ideas based on a statistical report. If you have never written a research paper based on stats then you may not sure how to approach your assignment. To help students succeed at creating an accurate statistics based research report we have including step-by-step instructions for students to follow.

  1. Begin by writing an abstract: this should be a 200 word or more summary of the statistical report. Make sure that you explain your research methods, a hypothesis of your findings and a brief analysis of the data that you are looking at.
  2. Compose an introduction: the introduction should include your thesis statement as well as an explanation for “why” you are writing the report. This is where you will set the tone of your research paper and introduce the ideas that you intend to explore further in the body paragraphs.
  3. Review Your Data: here is where you will look critically at the data that you are writing about as well as any other research materials that are being used.
  4. Explain Your Research Methods: briefly describe the research methods that you have used to draw your conclusions and compose the research paper. This includes a detailed explanation of any experiments that have been conducted to gather the data as well as acknowledgements of resources such as stats analysis software, and other materials.
  5. Describe Your Findings: now it is time for you to explain the results of your statistics analysis and report your findings. This is the section of the research paper where you describe in depth what you have found out. Here is where you may wish to use visual aids such as charts, and small graphs.
  6. Draw your final conclusions: After you have described your findings, you now need to draw your final conclusion that reflects upon your original thesis.
  7. Include All Research Materials: Finally, it is important that you include all of your research materials within your statistical report. All of the data that you have used for your research should be attached in the appendices of your report. This is for the reader's reference purposes.