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Buy A Term Paper Or Write It Yourself?

If you are planning on cheating on a term paper, the smartest thing you could do would be to go about it the right way. Most of the essays people turn in today are written by someone else, copied, or plagiarized, though many teachers do not like to admit it. A quick web search will turn up hundreds of companies that will churn you out a nice term paper for a quick profit. All you need is a little cash! These companies are best suited for people too lazy to actually do the work themselves and are effortless to work with. So can you really buy your way to a good grade?

Buying a Paper from Another Student or a Website

What about getting that straight-A college senior to write your paper for you? Well plenty of students have tried this in the past with varying results. A lot of universities now have a tracking system that compares the work you have done in the past to any new work submitted. The system will also cross reference any papers that may contain the same information online. So, if your plan is to buy an essay from another student, chances are you might get caught. Another possibility is that the paper you buy from your fellow student may not be as custom as you thought it would be.

Most college professors now will take a section of your essay and copy it online to see if it pops up on any searches. That’s an easy way to see if you are stealing info from another source. The majority of websites that sell essays will show you a few excerpts from the essay you intend to buy on their website. That way you can get an idea of what it is you are buying. But be forewarned, this is a fantastic way for your teacher to find out exactly where that essay came from. All he has to do is copy a paragraph from your essay, put it into a search engine, and up pops the website it was sold on.

Worth the Risk?

The first thing that will tip off your professor and make him think you did not complete your own assignment is the writing style used. If your essay looks nothing like any of your previous work, someone is bound to notice, and you will probably be caught. You might want to consider if the benefits outweigh the risks.