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Top 5 Macroeconomics Term Paper Topics

Writing a paper is not a fun experience and many people dread it, even people who major in writing. If you find yourself facing writing a paper for your macroeconomics courses and don't know what topic to choose, check out these top five topics to get an idea of what to write about. Knowing what former students felt were important enough to write a paper on can definitely help you write your paper.

Taxes on cigarettes and alcohol

One great paper to write about would be the taxes imposes on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. You could always discuss if taxes on these things will reduce the demand for them, if the taxes have other effects, who pays the majority of the taxes, where the taxes actually go, and who they benefit.

Subsidies on sports arenas and other large complexes

Another idea is to write about the benefits and issues of sports arenas and other stadiums. Some argue that these facilities bring tourism dollars into cities, but other disagree saying that the city takes the brunt of the operating costs.

Impact of SUVs and hybrids

You can also write about the economic and environmental effects of SUV's and hybrid cars. You can choose one type of vehicle or compare the two to discuss which ones are actually good for the economy and which may hurt the economy.

The government's proposals on cutting down greenhouse emissions

Many proposals have been submitted over the years on new bills and tactics to cut down on greenhouse gases and ways to improve the environment. You could choose one of these proposals, or multiple bills, to make your case in this paper. Compare them and talk about which ones would actually work.

The impact of healthcare reform

One of the hottest issues right now is the Affordable Care Act and how it will really impact tax payers. If you want to write a series of papers on one topic, this is one of your best bets. You can talk about the benefits, the issues, and the impact this will have on society and the economy.

Writing a macroeconomics paper doesn't have to be difficult. Once you have the topic the rest should be pretty easy to write, but if you don't want to write a topic that other people have written over and over, choose a topic that is not one of the ones listed. These are some of the most popular, though, and therefore some of the safest to write about.