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Where to Get Some New Biology Research Paper Ideas

When you are asked to write report on a subject such as biology it is best to narrow it down. As biology is the study of all living things, your paper could be about anything that is currently living or has ever lived. You will need to pick a sub category that interests you as it is always easier to write a report on a subject that you are actually interested in.

Let’s say you love the sea, you could write about:

  • The creatures in the deep sea (why they only live in the darkest waters.)
  • The many species that live in the sea and how many scientists think are still undiscovered.
  • The exotic plant life in the ocean that most people do not know actually lives.
  • How some algae in different parts of the world glow blue? (How does Bioluminescence work?)

Or maybe camping and forests are more your thing.

  • The many types of moss that live in the redwood forest and why it only grows in certain directions.
  • How many trees or varieties of trees are in a typical forest?
  • How the animals in the Yosemite national park cohabitate in their environment.
  • What are fireflies and what makes them glow?

Sometimes you just want to stick with the sci-fi classics.

  • How soon are we to be able to clone the first person and is it a good thing?
  • Stem cell research. (How it can actually make life better or worse and why it is so controversial.)

What about everyday life?

  • Weigh the pros and cons of organic food. (Why do people choose to buy organic food instead of regular food?)
  • Describe the difference between being a vegetarian and being a vegan. (Vegetarians do not eat meat but they will eat animal by products like dairy, eggs and seafood while a vegan will not eat meat, any animal byproducts or seafood.)

Whatever you choose make it something that you would like to learn more about, that way you can better put the story in your perspective. When the report is in your perspective you are able to create a more understandable argument to support what you are trying to say or trying to accomplish in your report. Make sure to add as many facts as you can but do not forget to cite your source on a separate piece of paper. Copyright infringement is never okay.