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Are you looking for great essay writing help online? You’ll have to look hard as it doesn’t really exist outside of college forums and maybe writing forums. The difference between “help” and a “service” have been blurred lately and some students end up believing that having your essay written for you counts as help. Obviously, these students are wrong.

Essay Writing Services

These services essentially write your essay for you, handle formatting, citations, bibliography, and even the research. They do all of the heavy lifting while you tend to other academic work and tests (at the honorable end) or…play video games, watch TV, and other various cuts of lofting around. It goes without saying that you’ll have to pay to get these services done.

Essay Writing Help

Essay writing help assists you in completing your essay and helps instill good writing habits so that you can tackle the task on your own in the future. These habits include research, reflection, writing technique, and time management. Basically, you’re strengthening areas that were at one time not the strongest or even nonexistent.
Now that the definitions have been laid out, what can you expect from a service?

Order Form

Every service needs an order form so that you can set up what you want done. In the case of an essay writing service you’ll setup how many pages you need, what kind of essay, the format, the amount of time—days or weeks--it’s needed in, the level of writer, and if you want proofreading.  The other things that you’ll setup are notes to the writer and the subject and topic you’ll want taken care of.

Finding Essay Writing Services or Help

A simple search will help you find both, but you’ll really want to research services since you’ll pay for what needs to be completed. It’s never a good idea to go in blind when it comes to these services. When it comes to essay writing help, roughly any college forum will do fine.