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Do My Research Paper For Me—A Common Student Request?

Some students have become academically lazy in their studies and now they ask other classmates or professional writers to write their research papers for them. This defeats the purpose of attending college because you go to college in order to become a more critical thinker, learn new ideas and exchange ideas with others as well as prepare for a new career. When someone else writes your research paper, you are not learning the way you should and you face the possibility of a bad grade and academic discipline. You disappoint and deceive your professor by doing this because he expects original work that is relevant and unique to your interests.

It Hurts You in The Workforce

When you ask others to write research papers throughout your college years, it hinders your success in the workforce because you will not have the necessary skills and motivation to do well in assignments you receive from the manager. For example, if your manager asks you to prepare three research papers that pertain to the buying habits of minorities ages 18-35 for a product the company is launching soon, you're going to struggle because you are not able to do original work by yourself.

The Research Paper Will Not Reflect Your Expertise and Interests

If you decide to let others write your research papers, the papers will not reflect your expertise in the topic, even if you give him the research you gathered to write the paper. This is because the other person is trying to write your paper in the quickest way possible and he won't take as much time to analyze the topic correctly or proofread the paper right. When you write the paper yourself you can best show off your expertise and interests.


A research paper may be hard to write at times but part of being a good college student is disciplining yourself and putting in the effort to produce high quality work. If you are struggling to write the paper, meet with the professor to discuss strategies for writing the paper and there are also books and articles you can read on the topic. It helps to read sample research papers online and you can also get advice from classmates who are skilled in research. Finally, you will have more integrity if you write your own paper.