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Writing Chicago style research papers

Chicago style research papers take an editing orientation that distinguishes them from the rest of the writings and publications. With a Chicago style of writing, the outline and overall presentation takes a turn that allows for a level clarity in identifying the points and facts at hand.

  • Indentation
  • The indentation style is taken up for every first word of a new paragraph. The 1 inch indentation formula allows for all new paragraphs to be easily identifiable and this makes for new points and the explanation of facts.

  • 1 inch margin all round
  • The Chicago style of writing research papers often dictates the aspect of a 1 inch margin all round the article. This gives the article a peculiar outlook which also ensures that the presentation process is laced with a unique design.

  • Centered text for the title without underlining or bolding
  • The Chicago style employs a centered text for the title of the research paper. It also demands that the text is not underlined or bolded. This directs the fact that the title is given a central head orientation without any additives for presentation.

  • Double spacing
  • In the Chicago style, the whole document is often double spaced without leaving space in between the paragraphs. This gives the written document a block nature that clearly distinguishes between paragraphs and the sentence lines.

  • Left aligning
  • The written document in the Chicago style of research writing is normally aligned to the left side of the page. This means that all sentences are aligned to the left safe for the first words of every paragraph.

  • Unjustified text
  • The text or document is normally left unjustified which leaves the writing technique as original as in the writing instance. The unjustified orientation also indicates that the text receives a sentence outlook that is a direct replica of the length of the statement.

  • Inclusion of footnotes when quoting
  • Quotes in the Chicago style of research writing are presented with footnotes and noted in italics. This ensures a difference and a distinguishing orientation from the rest of the text body which clearly notes the quoting process.

All these factors captured under the Chicago style of research paper writing serve to distinguish the paper and establish a pattern of presentation that allows for an easier viewing process for the readers of the document. With this, the reader is able to identify every scope of information and quote that has been included in the paper.