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Research paper work cited page writing advice

The most common thing that students have problems with is writing research papers. They can be one of the most challenging and stressful assignments. All that extra stress isn’t good when you’re already a busy, overwhelmed student. Dealing with classes, family, a part time job, friendships and relationships, as well as big homework projects can just be too much. To make time for each part of your life and not get so frustrated that you want to give up can be a careful balance of time management. This article will at least help you to budget your time for your research paper, so that that is one less thing on your mind. Then you’ll be able to figure out the rest of your life without worrying about your homework.

Writing Tips for Research Papers

The first thing you need to do is make yourself an outline. Even a brief, bare bones of an outline is better than none. You don’t need to spend too much time on this; just start by writing out each section of your paper and mark out where you want a quote to be, where you want to add a statistic or how you want to say something in particular. Once you have these milestones to work from, you’ll have a strong foundation.

Now you need to do your research. This is by far the biggest and longest phase of writing a research paper. Here are some tips on researching that will help you do it more thoroughly and faster:

  1. Make sure to check not only your school’s library but the public one as well
  2. When in a library, do some reading while you’re there; each book or article will have footnotes at the end, and if you like a quote that the book is quoting from something else, you can look it up while you’re already there
  3. Always ask for help if you need it: ask your teacher, librarians, classmates, professionals in the industry related to your paper topic
  4. Look out for websites that are just opinions and not facts; you should always check your sources and make sure they link back to reputable experts for accuracy

And lastly, you need to write the paper. This is the easiest part when you’ve already done the rest of the work. Simply write in between the frame of your outline to connect each of your sources and research points.